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Monday, January 24, 2011

short but deep

while writing dis post i was in disappointed mood


just now i have done my effective communication quiz..
*kuiz jew pon...
soalan dye simple jep n senng sgt..
not in my expectation..
senng kta..5% already on ur hand..huh.

but unfortunately, i cant answer those questions even though
i have study it last night..
seriusly..ak xtaw ape yg bermain2 dlm otak ak time uh..
until i have NO idea to write anything..!huh

i admit my fault that lately im not
taking serius bout my study
bcoz of very excited waiting for mid sem holiday..~ really miss my family..~
until i feel that i cant stay longer here.. =,=''

oh my sprit..~
i really need u to survive..
please dont go away from me... :(

fluid mechanics test :
wake up anis...
there is no much time..
u can do it..!!!

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